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Navigation & Controls


Panning Controls

[Different Methods to Navigate]

In DrainPlan, exploring your drawings is effortless. To navigate around your designs with ease, consider the following methods:

  1. Using Left Mouse Button (LMB):

    • Hold and Drag: Simply hold down the Left Mouse Button (LMB) and move your mouse in the direction you wish to navigate. This intuitive method allows you to smoothly pan across your drawings, giving you complete control over your view.

  2. Scroll Wheel (Middle Mouse Button):

    • Alternative Method: Alternatively, you can utilize the scroll wheel, often referred to as the Middle Mouse Button (MMB), to pan around your drawings. Click and hold the scroll wheel while moving your mouse to adjust your view seamlessly.

  3. Pan Tool:

    • Located in Bottom Center: Found at the bottom center of the screen, the Pan Tool provides another convenient option for navigation.

      Instructions: Select the Pan Tool and drag with the left mouse button to adjust your view effortlessly.


Zooming Controls

[Adjusting Your View]

In DrainPlan, adjusting your view for precision is simple. Explore the various methods to zoom in and out of your drawings:

  1. Scroll Wheel:

    • Zoom In/Out: Use the scroll wheel on your mouse to zoom in or out. Scroll up to zoom in for a closer view, and scroll down to zoom out for a wider perspective.

  2. Zoom Slider:

    • Located in Lower Right: Navigate to the lower right corner of the screen to find the Zoom Slider.

    • Adjustment: Drag the slider to the right to zoom in, and to the left to zoom out, allowing you to fine-tune your view according to your preferences.


Generic Controls

[Common controls for DrainPlan]

Left Mouse Button (LMB) Click:
  • Select objects.

Left Mouse Button (LMB) Hold:
  • Drag selected objects to move them.

Right Click:
  • Access properties menu for selected objects.

R Key:
  • Rotate selected objects.

Ctrl + C and Ctrl + V:
  • Copy and paste shapes.

Enter Key:
  • Finish editing or exit edit mode.

  • Change direction of lines.

Delete Key:
  • Remove selected objects.


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