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Exporting Drawings

Please note this section is for Exporting your drawing as an image, this will not save your drawing. If you wish to save the drawing file, see our section on Save & Load.

Export As Image

[How to Export your drawing]

To Get an image of your drawing in DrainPlan, follow this method:

Before Exporting your drawing it is recommended that you save the file in case you accidentally close DrainPlan and lose your work.

  1. Locate Export Button:

    • Navigate to the "File" Menu in the top right and locate the "Save" or "SaveAs" options.

      'File' -> 'Export To Image'.

    • Alternatively you can find a shortcut to this in the top right of your screen.

  2. Export Window:

    • Upon select "Export to Image", you will see a preview of your drawing. Here you can add drawing overlays to your image such as Title Block and Legend.

  3. Navigate Drawing Preview:

    • Using the Left Mouse Button you can drag and navigate your drawing within the preview window. Here you can adjust the zoom and position of your drawing to frame it exactly as you wish.

  4. Export As PNG:

    • Once you are happy with your drawing, select the "Export PNG" button in the bottom center of the screen. This will take a high quality snapshot of your drawing.

    • The Image will open automatically once taken.


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